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Please supply all four values: signal attenuation, SNR margins, power levels and sync speeds. You can find them in the web interface of your VDSL2 modem/router. (If you have been supplied a Bridged device, you will probably not have access to it's web interface.) For the Provider field, there's no need to list your NBN RSP or TransACT ISP. IE, Just let us know the company who owns and operates the DSLAM you're connected to Line attenuation (loss) is a measure of how much the signal has degraded between the DSLAM and the modem. This is largely a function of the distance from the exchange. The lower the dB, the better for this measurement Attenuation is the reduction in signal strength on your line, sometimes also refered to as loop loss. While it is related to the length of the line from the exchange, it varies depending on the actual wire gauge, material, as well as the frequency. Attenuation is calculated differently for ADSL and ADSL2, it is common to see a 3-4 db increase when moving from ADSL1 to ADSL2+

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VDSL2 standard is an enhancement to ITU T G.993.1 that supports asymmetric and symmetric transmission at a bidirectional net data rate up to 400 Mbit/s on twisted pairs using a bandwidth up to 35 MHz Line Status Help Line standard VDSL2 Channel type Interleaved Downstream line rate (kbit/s) 79944 Upstream line rate (kbit/s) 20004 Downstream SNR (dB) 18.4 Upstream SNR (dB) 25.2 Downstream line attenuation (dB) 7 Upstream line attenuation (dB) 0.5 Downstream output power (dBmV) 14.4 Upstream output power (dBmV) 5 Downstream CRC 28574 Upstream CRC 0 Downstream FEC 135486 Interpretation DSL Line Status-Daten. ich versuche gerade meine Angaben im Hybrid-Router zu interpretieren. Scheitere allerdings ein wenig, da sich die angegeben Werte anscheinend nicht mit den im Internet auffindbaren Informationen vergleichen lassen. Vielleicht hat jemand eine Webseite zur Hand oder kann meine Daten für mich interpretieren

ADSL is fed from the exchange, VDSL is fed from the cabinet. VDSL uses much higher frequencies than ADSL and thus has a totally different attenuation characteristics. You are also currently getting the maximum speed of VDSL 80/20 which will mean your noise margin will be high. 1 Ratin DSL Link Status up DSL Uptime 10 days 19 hours 0 minutes 4 seconds DSL Modulation ITU G.993.2(VDSL2) Annex Mode ANNEX_B SNR Down 13.8 dB SNR Up 9.6 dB Line Attenuation Down 0.1 dB Line Attenuation. VDSL with Vlan ID on Cisco 1117. I'm trying to replace the Huawei router with Cisco with no luck on the 1st attempt, the Service provider asked me to ensure the VLAN 100 is on the router. I've been told this is not normal PPPoE, the Service provider use a Fiber to the Demarc and still using the Legacy to the customer premises 50dB and above is bad SNR Margin is a value to set in order to get the speed you desire. It's the difference between the actual SNR (dB noise) and the line attenuation required to sync at a specific speed. This also depends on the ADSL technology, ADSL (up to 8 Megabits), ADSL2 (up to 12 Megabits) or ADSL2+ (up to 24 Megabits)

Line Attenuation(dB): 27.7 89.4 102.3 8.9 68.6 64.7 N/A Signal Attenuation(dB): 27.7 N/A N/A 8.9 0.0 0.0 N/A Noise Margin(dB): 6.3 N/A N/A 5.4 N/A N/A N/A . We figured it was just line conditions, we're about 1000m from the street cabinet but still think upstream could do better Signal attenuation — shows the signal attenuation in the line at the moment of modem synchronization with the DSL-switch (this parameter should be less than 45 dB). The attenuation depends on the cable length between the ADSL modem and the DSL switch

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  1. Quote. For VDSL2 systems that transmit over normal polyethylene-insulated pairs, there is a good approximation of the attenuation A (in dB) at a certain frequency f: A = k * l * sqrt (f), where k is a wire-dependant constant and l is the length of the wire
  2. ish the further you are located from the street cabinet and the the technology is sensitive to a certain type of interference called.
  3. They are (line attenuation): Download: 18.1, 49.3, 76.2 DB Upload: 4.2, 40.6, 58.2 DB Noise margin: Upload: 6.1 DB Download: 6.2 DB I found an attenuation to sync speed calculator for VDSL2, but due to my 3 figures for upload/download, I can't work out how/where to put all these numbers in, to calculate the sync speed based on these attenuation figures. Apparently they are called D1,D2, and D3, and are something to do with an 8C profile. I couldn't find a coherent answer on turning that.
  4. Attenuation is the degradation of signal over distance and an indication of the length of your line. The lower this figure the better. Generally speaking there isn't much you can do about attenuation, because of its direct correlation to your distance from the exchange
  5. Attenuation and Noise margin are two important parameters which points to the line quality and intern the stability of the DSL connection Line Attenuation: 0.0 dB 0.0 dB Signal Attenuation: 0.0 dB 0.0 dB Noise Margin: 11.1 dB 6.0 dB Attainable Rate: 40440 kbits/s 3280 kbits/
  6. Line attenuation will be different between ADSL & VDSL due to the different frequencies used for each service. That's why VDSL doesn't have the same reach over distance as ADSL. That's why VDSL doesn't have the same reach over distance as ADSL

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Κατηγορίες Τεχνολογία Ετικέτες ADSL, Line attenuation, Line noise, SNR margin, VDSL, VDSL2, Θόρυβος γραμμής Πλοήγηση άρθρων Προηγούμενο άρθρο Προηγούμενη Τι είναι στο σύμβολο σταυρός συν + με κύκλο στο κινητό σα Attenuation of the line occurs when noise and interference enters the DSL transmission and weakens the strength of the connection, slowing the speed of your broadband connection. You can perform a few checks and modifications to reduce the line attenuation in your DSL connection to drastically improve the speed and quality of your Internet connection. Advertisement Step 1 Change the network. DSL Config Mode: AUTO Trained Mode: G.992.5 (ADSL2+) Annex A TC Mode: ATM Selftest Result: 0x00 DELT configuration: disabled DELT state: not running Failed full inits: 0 Short inits: 0 Failed short inits: 0 Modem FW Version: 4.14L.04 Modem PHY Version: A2pv6F039h.d24o_rc1 Line 0: XTU-R (DS) XTU-C (US) Trellis: ON ON SRA: disabled disabled SRA count: 0 0 Bit swap: enabled enabled Bit swap count.

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Line attenuation 6.5 downstream 5 upstream Signal attenuation / Noise Margin 19.4 downstream 8.5 upstream What can i realistically expect from this line in terms of VDSL ? My needs are for higher. by the attenuation, crosstalk (especially far-end crosstalk) and other problems in metallic lines [3]. Moreover, the VDSL2 lines can achieve high transmission rates only for short distances [4]. There is also a group of present ADSL2+ possibly used for VDSL2 technology. Both xDSL lines can Manuscript received December 23, 2012; accepted April 21, 2013. This work was supported by the Grant of. Additionally, the management framework for VDSL2 lines specified by the Digital Subscriber Line Forum (DSLF) has been taken into consideration [TR-129]. That framework is based on the ITU-T G.997.1 standard [G.997.1] and its amendment 1 [G.997.1-Am1]. The MIB module is located in the MIB tree under MIB 2 transmission, as discussed in the MIB-2 Integration (RFC 2863 [RFC2863]) section of this. Line attenuation (dB): 11.4 0.0 Signal attenuation (dB): Not available on VDSL2 Attenuation rate (kbps): 89238 30218 Connection speed (kbps): 74000 19999 SNR margin (dB): 9.9 15.1 Power (dBm): 12.5 -0.9 Interleave depth: 16 1 INP: 49.00 0 G.INP: Enabled Not Enabled. 2nd Remote Defect Indicator/DLM resync: 29th Jan 2018 at 6:10pm (after 64 days stable & DLM resetted) Downstream Upstream Line. Das gilt zum Beispiel auch für den Wert Line Attenuation, der die Leitungsdämpfung angibt, also wie stark Länge und Beschaffenheit des Kabels zwischen Speedport und DSLAM die DSL.

Bei einem VDSL- 50-Tarif der Telekom zum Beispiel liegt diese Minimalgeschwindigkeit bei 27,9 MBit/s im Download und 2,7 MBit/s im Upload. Die zutreffenden Geschwindigkeiten für Ihren Tarif sind. ===== VDSL Training Status: Showtime Mode: VDSL2 Annex B VDSL Profile: Profile 17a Traffic Type: PTM Mode Link Uptime: 4 days: 12 hours: 28 minutes ===== VDSL Port Details Upstream Downstream Line Rate: 3.131 Mbps 26.672 Mbps Actual Net Data Rate: 3.070 Mbps 26.617 Mbps Trellis Coding: ON ON SNR Margin: 23.3 dB 18.3 dB Actual Delay: 0 ms 0 ms Transmit Power: 7.2 dBm 14.0 dBm Receive Power: -9.

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Hey guys, So I finally got moved onto the MSAN in my area and am hoping to move onto VDSL. I noticed that my SNR margins went up from 10 (downstream) to 31, and my line attenuation went from 51. VDSL offers speeds of up to 52 Mbit/s downstream and 16 Mbit/s upstream, over a single flat untwisted or twisted pair of copper wires using the frequency band from 25 kHz to 12 MHz. These rates mean that VDSL is capable of supporting applications such as high-definition television , as well as telephone services ( voice over IP ) and general Internet access , over a single connection VDSL2 est l'acronyme de Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line 2. Comme son nom l'indique, le VDSL2 est le successeur du VDSL, un protocole de transmission qui booste les débits Internet sur les réseaux de paires de cuivre. Standardisé par l'Union Internationale des Télécommunications en février 2006 (ITU G.993.2), le VDSL2 améliore sensiblement les débits en réception et en.

La line attenuation è influenzata soprattutto dalla distanza dalla centrale telefonica, al contrario dell'SNR il valore dell'attenuazione, sempre misurato in (dB) deve essere il più basso possibile per poter garantire che tutto vada bene. Insieme al margine di rumore e all'attenuazione della nostra ADSL c'è anche la portante o data rate espressa in Bytes (velocità), sia per il. SNR margin, line attenuation, ADSL and a slow internet spee . Rate adaptive DSL makes use of any spare SNR margin - the higher your SNR, the better your speeds will be. Reach Extended ADSL (RE-ADSL2+) provides approximately 500 meters (~1,640 feet) additional loop reach. Some VDSL2 modems may report 3 very different attenuation values for the D1, D2 and D3 frequency bands instead of a single. I've been thinking about VDSL2 but don't know if it would be worth it, The Snap address checker confirms VDSL is available at my location. below are the current ADSL2+ SNr and Line Attenuation numbers from my TG582n Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]: 1.112 / 13.107 Output Power (Up/Down) [dBm]: 12,6 / 0,0 Line Attenuation (Up/Down) [dB]: 7,5 / 19, Τελικά τι παίζει ρολό για το Line Attenuation Η απόσταση από το dslam το router που χρησιμοποιούμε η και.

ADSL Calculator. Βλέπετε το site μας σαν επισκέπτης. Η απολύτως δωρεάν εγγραφή σας θα σας επιτρέψει να δημοσιεύσετε νέα μηνύματα στο forum, να στείλετε προσωπικά μηνύματα σε άλλους χρήστες όπως και. Line Attenuation (dB) Down/Up: 9.7/12.2 Current Profile: 8b Velocità media speedtest: 18,8 Mbps (download) 3,0 Mbps (upload) Sono in rete rigida a circa 150/200 metri dalla centrale. ginepraio.

Line rate obtainable (Mbit/s) against corresponding line length (km) for ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL. Line rate obtainable (Mbit/s) against corresponding line attenuation for ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ Modulation is the overlaying of information (or the signal) onto an electronic or optical carrier waveform. There are two competing and incompatible standards for modulating the ADSL signal, known as. Attenuation is the reduction in signal strength on your phone line. In adsl this may be reported as loop loss and is the natural deterioration of the adsl signal over distance from the exchange. Whilst attenuation is normally directly linked to the length of your line, there are a few other important factors to bear in mind as to why the above calculator can only be used as a guide. Copper.

Re: line attenuation nbn. Theoritical estimate based on download speed of 24.78 Mbps, your copper wire length from the modem to the node is approximately 1600 metres. Theoritical estimate based on line attenuation of 25.7 dB, your copper wire length from the modem to the node is approximately 1800 metres (assuming the thickness of copper wire. Il valore target di 6 dB menzionato in precedenza vale per gran parte delle linee VDSL2 in Italia. Tuttavia, ci sono dei casi in cui una linea particolarmente instabile con frequenti disconnessioni può essere riconfigurata per avere come target un margine SNR di 12 dB. Avere il margine a 12 dB porta un vantaggio e uno svantaggio: la linea è più stabile, e cioè è meno suscettibile al. The broadband signal from the exchange suffers attenuation (loss) as it travels along the cable from the exchange to your broadband modem, reducing the speeds that can be delivered. In general, the longer the total distance between your modem and the exchange, the more that signals are attenuated, as shown in the chart below. Chart of ADSL2/2+ and ADSL connection speed against distance from. Fritzbox 7590 Magenta Zuhause XL VDSL2 35b G.Vector (ITU G.993.5) DSL Up-/Downstream: 292023/46719 kbit/s SNR: 6 dB/10 dB Line Attenuation: 16 dB/12 d ADSL-LINE MIB (RFC 2662) VDSL2-LINE-MIB (RFC 5650) ENTITY-MIB. IF-MIB. TR-069 (CWMP) Note: VDSL2 bonding is not supported on C1100 Series Integrated Services Routers. SRA and Bit Swap are enabled by default. For more information on firmware upgrade and training logs, refer to the Upgrading the Modem Firmware and Collecting DSL and Training Logs sections. Configure G.Fast and VDSL2 35b.

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Author Topic: Upstream Line/Signal Attenuation HIGHER than Downstream! (Read 5499 times) Jackus. Just arrived; Posts: 6; Upstream Line/Signal Attenuation HIGHER than Downstream! « on: August 17, 2015, 07:54:12 PM » Hi there! First post here. I took out BT Infinity 2 FTTC about a week ago. The village has recently gone live (2 months), so I doubt there's much crosstalk interference, and I'm. Το Line attenuation είναι η μέτρηση που μας αναφέρει πόση απώλεια σήματος υπάρχει μεταξύ του DSLAM (από το κέντρο του ΟΤΕ δηλαδη) και του μόντεμ/router, καθότι όσο πιο μακριά είμαστε από το κέντρο τόσο πιο αδύναμο είναι το σήμα. Οσο.

Modulation Type VDSL2. Actual Rate(Up/Down) 2495/29970 kbps. Attainable Rate(Up/Down) 59418/121811 kbps. Noise Margin(Up/Down) 49/33.3 dB. Line Attenuation(Up/Down) 1.8/3.6 dB. Output Power(Up/Down) -5.7/3.2 dBm. Data Path(Up/Down) Fast/Fast. Interleave Depth(Up/Down) 1/1. Interleave Delay(Up/Down) 0/0 ms. INP(Up/Down) 0/0 symbols. Profile 17 DSL Config Mode: AUTO Trained Mode: G.993.2 (VDSL2) Profile 17a TC Mode: PTM Selftest Result: 0x00 DELT configuration: disabled DELT state: not running Trellis: ON ON SRA: disabled disabled SRA count: 0 0 Bit swap: enabled enabled Bit swap count: 1710 5 Line Attenuation: 0.0 dB 0.0 dB Signal Attenuation: 0.0 dB 0.0 dB Noise Margin: 12.1 dB 26.2 dB Attainable Rate: 90384 kbits/s 36750 kbits/s. VDSL2 Line Speed Very Slow. 18-04-2016 3:57 PM. I'm currently experiencing very slow broadband speeds and wondered if it's something I've caused and whether it will fix itself given time. I've had a FTTC connection for a long time now and seemed to get decent speeds of around 32-35 Mbps downstream and 14-15 Mbps upstream ADSL attenuation is measured under 1MHz while VDSL2 13a/17a uses tones closer to 10MHz to report it and attenuation is indeed much higher there. As for distance, this depends a lot on how good/bad. SENTER Electronic now brings you a large selection of high-tech ST332B VD(ST332B SENTER handheld VDSL2/VDSL/XDSL line/VDSL installation copper cable ADSL&VDSL2 combined tester with DMM with low price from its professional factory. Competitive in its high resolution, good performance and easy operation. Welcome to buy the equipment made in China from us

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Supports VDSL2 profile 30a, 35b Optical Power Meter (Optional) Visual Fault Locator (Optional) Tone Tracker (Optional) TDR Cable Fault Locator (Optional) 1.Specifications . TM-600 VDSL tester specially designed for xDSL line test (xDSL include: ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL, VDSL2 etc) and maintenance It provides xDSL test, PPPoE dial test, DMM test, Modem emulation, line voltage indication and. TM-600 VDSL tester specially designed for xDSL line test (xDSL include: ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL, VDSL2 etc) and maintenance It provides xDSL test, PPPoE dial test, DMM test, Modem emulation, line voltage indication and so on Approved by Telstra, the ST332B xDSL Service Checker is equipped with Broadcom Chipset for the verification of ADSL1/2/2+ and VDSL2 services including Vectoring as per ITU-T G.993.5 in one unit.. Being Multi-functional, LTS-332 offers Auto-detection of the xDSL services, PPPoE dial test, DMM test, Modem emulation, line voltage indication making it the ideal verification tool for installers and.

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ADSL : Affaiblissement théorique et atténuations mesurées. La notion d'affaiblissement théorique d'une ligne est différente de la mesure réelle de son atténuation par des modem ADSL. En principe, l'affaiblissement théorique d'une ligne pour l'ADSL se calcule à partir de ses paramètres primaires (résistance, capacité, conductance et. Due to the large attenuation of high frequency signals on twisted-pair lines, the deployment of VDSL is limited to a loop length of less than 4500 feet from the signal source. Figure 1 shows two possible configurations. For customers close to the central office (CO), VDSL can be deployed over copper wiring from CO (Fig.1a), this configuration is called fiber to exchange (FTTEx). For more. Only US$415.62, buy best tm-600 vdsl vdsl2 tester adsl wan & lan tester xdsl line test equipment dsl physical layer test sale online store at wholesale price To get the statistics for your line's attenuation, log into your ADSL modem/router's web interface. Simply open your web browser and type in an address like 192.168..1, or This. Copper loop lines are susceptible to signal attenuation and copper loop lengths which limit fast transmission speeds. To achieve data rates over 100 Mbps, VDSL2 relies on port-bonding and vectoring. 5. What is pair-bonding? VDSL2 supports the capability of bonding two or more twisted copper pairs to increase banding. But pair-bonding also functions to extend the reach of a copper network. Two.

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For a given signal attenuation level we see a statistically significant spread of 10Mbit. And by statistically significant, an even spread over the range for a sample set of ~50,000 connections. A way to guesstimate the line attenuation is the following: (originally posted by Just 'Adam') Less than 1km should be 23-24Mbit 1.0km = 13.81dB = 23Mbi VDSL2 module: ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 support Upstream speed, downstream speed, maximum speed and channel saturation measurement Upstream and downstream noise measurements, output power and attenuation Statistics of NCD, OCD, FEC, CRC and HEC errors Automatic detection and display of LOS, LOF, LOP, LOC and LOM with comparison with historical dat

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TM-600 VDSL Tester kit for xDSL Line Test & Maintenance Tool ADSL VDSL2 DMM | Business & Industrie, Elektronik & Messtechnik, Mess- & Prüftechnik | eBay I guess attenuation is significantly different for ADSL and VDSL. Line Attenuation. Forum discussion: I would like to know a series of good VDSL line statistics. DSL signifie Dig Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Tm-600 VDSL 2 VDSL Tester für xDSL Line Test Wartungs-Kits ADSL VDSL 2 DMM bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel To operate successfully, VDSL equipment must overcome line attenuation, crosstalk, radio-frequency (RF) ingress and other interferences. Of particular importance is operation on existing unshielded twisted-pair lines. After all, if extensive re-wiring is necessary (in the home, for example) to enable VDSL, then perhaps the deployment of fiber to and within the home is a more cost-effective. Subscriber Line) and VDSL (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line) filters. These filters enable high speed modems to communicate on the same pair of wires as POTS (Plain Old Telephony System) by ensuring separation of the low frequency POTS and high frequency ADSL/VDSL signals. Testing Here, the TTF35 is used with a PSM1735 to test a VDSL splitter. Power to the TTF35 is via an auxiliary.


VDSL2-LINE-MIB DEFINITIONS::= BEGIN IMPORTS MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, transmission, Unsigned32 , UNITS 0.1 dB MAX-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION Line Attenuation. When referring to a band in the downstream direction, it is the measured difference in the total power transmitted by the xTU-C and the total power received by the xTU-R over all subcarriers of that band. xdsl2LineBandStatusLnAtten - xdsl2 Line Band Status Ln Atten - VDSL2-LINE-MIB . Home / MIBs list / VDSL2-LINE-MIB / xdsl2LineBandStatusLnAtten. MIBs list. With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a Cisco device in your network. xdsl2LineBandStatusLnAtten. xdsl2 Line Band Status Ln Atten . Line Attenuation. When referring to a. xdsl2LineBandStatusSigAtten - xdsl2 Line Band Status Sig Atten - VDSL2-LINE-MIB . Home / MIBs list / VDSL2-LINE-MIB / xdsl2LineBandStatusSigAtten. MIBs list . With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a Cisco device in your network. xdsl2LineBandStatusSigAtten. xdsl2 Line Band Status Sig Atten . Signal Attenuation. When referring. attenuation characteristics of a line composed of various cables including taps. 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 f [MHz] Fig. 1 Typical relations between frequency and relative attenuation for lines with quad arrangement (local telecommunication cables) - core diameters from upside: 0.32, 0.4, 0.5, 0.63 and 0. VDSL Band Status U0 U1 U2 U3 D1 D2 D3 Line Attenuation(dB): 5.1 20.8 31.9 N/A 11.7 25.4 38.7 Signal Attenuation(dB): 5.1 20.3 31.1 N/A 14.7 25.2 38.

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Code: Alles auswählen root@Lancom1781VAW:/ > ls status/vdsl Line-State INFO: SHOWTIME Line-Type INFO: over-ISDN VDSL-Profile INFO: 17a Standard INFO: VDSL2 Data-Rate-Downstream-kbps INFO: 51390 Data-Rate-Upstream-kbps INFO: 10046 SNR-Downstream-dB INFO: 17.3 SNR-Upstream-dB INFO: 20.3 Attenuation-Downstream-dB INFO: 7.8 Attenuation-Upstream-dB INFO: 0.0 INP-Downstream-Symbols INFO: 15.0 INP. Line Attenuation(dB): 6.8 15.7 35.7 4.3 11.9 19.0 N/A Signal Attenuation(dB): 6.7 15.4 34.5 4.3 11.0 17.6 N/A Noise Margin(dB): 7.2 6.4 3.9 10.0 10.0 10.0 N/A Total FECC: 3960722747 128858 Total ES: 68 39 Total SES: 13 8 Total LOSS: 1 0 Total UAS: 307 307 Total LPRS: 0 0 Total LOFS: 0 0 Total LOLS: 0 0 DS Channel1 DS Channel0 US Channel1 US Channel0 Speed (kbps): NA 221755 NA 40330 SRA.

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I realise that the title of this article is a bunch of acronyms, but it's going to be informative none the less. I've recently had installed, at home, a very high speed digital subscriber line 2 Wikipedia: Very high-speed digital subscriber line (VDSL)[1] and very high-speed digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2)[2] are digital subscriber line (DSL) technologies providing data transmission. TM-600 VDSL tester specially designed for xDSL line test (xDSL include: ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL, VDSL2 etc) and maintenance It provides xDSL test, PPPoE dial test, DMM test, Modem emulation, line voltage indication and so on. TM-600 VDSL Tester also introduces the Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator function into the unit, as well as the TDR function; It is one multifunction. VDSL2 Performance Test Plan TR-114 Issue 3 March 2017 © The Broadband Forum. All rights reserved. 3 of 191 FORUM TAKES NO POSITION AS TO THE VALIDITY OR INVALIDITY. A VDSL XS subscription provides you with a speed profile up to 20 Mbps / 2 Mbps. With VDSL XL you can get a maximum speed profile up to 100 Mbps / 40 Mbps. The above mentioned line profiles are theoretical maximum profiles. The actual profiles depend on the distance from the street cabinet, to which your line is connected, the attenuation of.

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What I wanted was a simple chart so I could see if the signal to noise ratio and line attenuation values that my modem was reporting were good or bad. As I couldn't find such a chart anywhere I made one. To use it look up the values on your modem and see where they are on the chart. Needless to say green is good and red is bad. If you do want to read more about these values then this ADSL. At a very very basic level, VDSL Band Status, U0, U1, U2, D1, D2 & D3 are all different upstream and downstream frequency bands, each has a different attenuation because of the different frequencies. (Attenuation - 'the reduction of the force, effect, or value of something'.). In essence, the data is carried down or up the wire in three. VDSL2 ITU-T G.993.2 - Profiles: 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a & 30a (Optional) ITU-T G992.5 INP amendment 3 xDSL Measurements. Line Rate Max Attainable Rate Line Utilisation % Line Drops SNR Margin Line Attenuation Delay ( mSec) INP ( DMT Symbol) FEC Errors HEC Error Attenuation is due to the limited spectrum of the telephone twisted pair, designed for low frequency voice calls not high-speed data transmission. Analogue telephony uses only 4kHz of spectrum, whereas ADSL uses 1.1MHz and ADSL2+ 2.2MHz. The even higher speed VDSL2 has several flavours: 8b is 8.5MHz, 17a is 17.6MHz while 30a spans 30MHz. The higher frequencies induce greater attenuation and. VDSL Port Details Upstream Downstream Line Rate: 11.028 Mbps 30.659 Mbps Actual Net Data Rate: 11.029 Mbps 30.660 Mbps Trellis Coding: ON ON SNR Margin: 7.4 dB 7.2 dB Actual Delay: 0 ms 0 ms Transmit Power: 7.6 dBm 12.6 dBm Receive Power: -13.6 dBm -16.3 dBm Actual INP: 49.0 symbols 56.0 symbols. Total Attenuation: 21.1 dB 28.9 dB. VDSL Band Status U0 U1 U2 U3 D1 D2 D3 Line Attenuation(dB): 9.

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Attenuation is the weakening or minimising of power in terms of intensity. It is also the name of a common problem experienced by DSL users. Attenuation of the line occurs when noise and interference enters the DSL transmission and weakens the strength of the connection, slowing the speed of your broadband connection Line attenuation: Rate by which the signal is attenuated during transmission. Given in decibels (dB). Line Branching: The Line Branching entry is displayed only if branched lines were detected. Line branching is when there are branches in the telephone cabling between the DSL mulitplexer (DSLAM) and the FRITZ!Box. Whenever the FRITZ!Box detected branching, the number of branches found is. Line Attenuation no data displayed. Discussions for BiPAC 8800 series: 8800NL. 18 posts 1; 2; Next; noriga Posts: 26 Joined: Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:51 pm. Line Attenuation no data displayed. Post by noriga » Sat Aug 02, 2014 10:02 am Hi I have recently joined sky fibre 40/10 and I monitoring my line stats as in the first 10 days of service. Having bought this vdsl combo (Bipac 8800nl) I have. Modern Very-High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (VDSL2) can potentially increase the transmission rates in access networks up to tens of Mbps in both directions. However, the real transmission.

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