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Die Crown XLS 1502 kannte ich aus dem PA Bereich bei kleineren Beschallungsaufgaben. Zuhause habe ich sie einfach nur mal so ausprobiert, um zu hören, ob da dynamisch noch was geht ohne den Sound zu versauen. Ich hatte auch einige Bedenken, resultierend aus Versuchen mit einigen anderen PA - Endstufen, wie Lüftergeräusche, Brumm im Leerlauf, flacher Sound im Präsenzbereich. Außerdem war ich mit meinem durchaus hochwertigen, potenten Hybrid Verstärker Kora Explorer 150 CSC Reference. Die XLS ist die Billigreihe von Crown. Meiner Meinung nach kein Blick wert. Damit eine Endstufe vernüftig arbeiten kann ist das Netzteil und die Pufferbank aus Kondensatoren entscheidend und da wird eben dann gespart. Im Betrieb macht sich das dann durch rapide abfallende Leistung bemerkbar, wenn schnelle, energierieche Impulse verarbeitet werden sollen. Das können solche Endtsufen dann nicht mehr leisten und es hört sich dann im Bassbereich schwammig und unpräzise an

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  1. Vergleicht man aber die UVPs, liegt diese Endstufe bei dem fast dreifachen €-Betrag verglichen mit einer Crown xls 1502, und letztere hat zudem auch noch viel, viel mehr Power als die advance acoustic. Ja ich weiß um den hohen Wirkungsgrad der Statements und ja ich weiß auch um die Gesetzmäßigkeiten wie viel mehr Watt man braucht um auch nur 3 db Volumen zu erhöhen etc. und eigentlich beantworte ich mir die Frage auch schon damit selber, wie ausreichend bestückt bereits.
  2. 4,5 von 5 Punkten. Druckvolle Endstufe mit 2x 775 Watt Leistung an 4 Ohm. Diese Power-Endstufe mit zwei Kanälen liefert eine hohe Leistung, übersichtliche Menüführung und kommt in schnittigem Design daher.. Zum Test ex_link
  3. This is a review and detailed measurements of the Crown XLS 1002 rack mounted pro amplifier. It was kindly purchased new by a member and drop shipped to me. The 1002 costs US $339 including Prime shipping from Amazon. Note: our company, Madrona Digital, is a dealer for Harman and hence Crown products. We use fair bit of Crown amps in custom installs usually to power in-ceiling speakers and such. Member wanted to buy it through us but the margin on it was no more than a cup of.
  4. Crown XLS 1502.... real life test. I was at guitar center yesterday cruseing the used pedal case and noticed they had the XLS1502 was on sale. With there 45 day return policy, that i have used with great success in the past, i bought the amp. With my Logan's the crown was very clear and full. 525 watts at hand per channel brought the speakers to life. I adjusted the input to around 3 o.

The next generation of XLS got a makeover with a sleek new look, a LCD display that is three times larger, and more DSP with higher capabilities. Like its predecessor, the new XLS is ultra-efficient with Crown's patented DriveCore technology and can drive 2400W at 4Ω bridged with tons of headroom guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers With the Crown 1502 they use a continuous sine wave at 0.5% THD to rate the amplifier and how do I compare that to a HiFi amp that measures at X watts per channel, both channels driven at a low distortion value, 20hz- 20khz. It's hard to find out how much power the amp really puts out and how it will deal with peaks or lower resistance I ordered it, and a Crown XLS 1002 from Amazon and tried them with a new pair of Magnepan MMGis. My test setup -- FLAC files played into a Dragonfly D to A converter, into my old Macintosh MA6100 (for the preamp), and then sent via the pre-amp output to the Crown and to the Emotiva into Magnepan MMGIs Hope you enjoy the video!Audio Science Review Links:Crown XLS 1502 - https://bit.ly/3bObFuNSchiit Vidar - https://bit... Sorry about the slick choppy edits LOL I am using a Crown XLS 1502 to drive LS50's. Instead of a preamp I have a Grace M9xx DAC which has a line out (RCA) with a volume control. It can put out lots more than the 1.4v needed to drive the crowns. I previously used an Audioengine D1 which also had enough output to drive the amp. The amp has both balanced and RCA inputs. I have only.

Bereits ab 353,28 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Crown XLS 1502 Stereo-Verstärker günstig kaufen bei idealo.d Crown can not offer even the basic auto sensor for power on/off/sleep on their XLS amps like 1502 (?) That is ridiculous! They should at least offer a workaround to customers on how to build such as relay switch (damn it, make money off of us by selling those parts if you have to, but get customers out of this misery!) Seriously considering getting XTZ Edge A2-300 which is much more customer. Crown XLS 1002 Drive Core Amplifier Home Audio 2 - YouTube. Crown XLS 1002 Drive Core Amplifier Home Audio 2. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't. I've read that the Crown amps (because they're pro amps) expect a signal level equivalent to a balanced input, even when using their RCA inputs. Your tests will probably be lacking unless you use a balanced / unbalanced converter, something like the MCM Electronics converter or the Rolls MB15b to boost the signal from your AVR into your amp

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I was looking into the Crown XLS 1502 Drivecore 2, they are raved about on reviews on various selling sites, This would be to drive my LCR speakers. But one test review site showed up a problem see below... AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW We have a brickwall style filter which indicates our analog input is digitized first through an ADC running at 48 kHz sampling, processed through DSP (or not), and. ich habe zwar nur die Crown XLS 1502 Endstufe, aber vllt interessiert dich ja trotzdem, was ich schon als Pre davor hatte, habe oder in Zukunft davor schalten würde als Vorverstärker. Momentan betreibe ich den NAD C 510 als Vorstufe, (in Verbindung mit einem Open DRC Di), das ist aber keine Lösung für dich weil ich hier rein digital unterwegs bin, und auch keine analogen Eingänge. February 2019 in Crown Amplifiers Can anyone provide me with a part number for a 3-pin connector (female) that is compatible with the Aux. connection on the rear panel of my XLS-1502? A Mouser.com or DigiKey.com part number would be appreciated

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Unser Crown Xls 1502 Vergleich hat zum Vorschein gebracht, dass das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis des analysierten Produktes in der Analyse sehr herausgeragt hat. Außerdem der Preis ist im Bezug auf die angeboteten Qualität absolut gut. Wer viel Rechercheaufwand bezüglich der Suche auslassen möchte, möge sich an die genannte Empfehlung von unserem Crown Xls 1502 Vergleich entlang hangeln. Ich hatte zuletzt noch eine Crown XLS 1502 mit 525 watt sinus an 2 Kanal Stereo. Die nuLine 122 ist mit 380 watt angegeben. Also dachte ich sind genug Reserven der Endstufe vorhanden. Unter Vollgas mit harten Bassattacken lief die Endstufe dennoch komplett im roten Bereich (3 grüne LEDs und 2 rote LEDs für Clipping und Kompression). Kaum ging die zweite rote LED der Endstufe an fing der Bass. I purchased two Crown XLS 1502s to be fed from my Denon AVRs pre-outs and power the front L and R and center channels of my home theater setup. The musical sound and feeling from my speakers is amazing - more open and effortless than ever with much better bass extension and musicality. What a good decision to get these Crowns! The overall. Given some spare time it will be interesting to hook it up to the Klipschorns and give it a real test. 5 Quote; Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Panelhead 169 Panelhead 169 Forum Veteran; Regulars; 169 549 posts; Posted December 12, 2020 With high efficiency speakers the Crown XLS amps are noisy. At least with the RCA inputs. To deal with this many turn the input attenuators. Currently running my Dayton Ultimax 15 from a bridged Crown XLS 1502.....and I find it Lacking. I see all these videos of people with similar setups and their subs are pounding; whereas I feel like my subwoofer barely moves with the gain knob at 10 and my volume north of 70 (out of 99). As stated, it's a UM-15 in an 11.1 cubic foot box w/ a slot port tuned to around 18 Hz. The amp is at.

Will review back again after further tests. This amp I bought is for my home theater setup. Onkyo with Polk floor standing/center/bookshelf speakers. For some reason I'm feeling the Polk's deliver more punchy bass over the new addition of Crown amp + 2 Sony 12 4ohm subs. I should be to get around 1080w of immense power out of this. But for me the Polk floor standing which delivered 115w X 2. I run the crown to two cerwin vega xls 215 all the power you could ever want and sounds better than my adcom gfa 555 that i replaced it with. Oh and any one that says you can hear the fan running must have had a ear implant from a german shepherd because i can not hear anything!!!! my epson 1080p projector that i paid 5 times as much for has a louder fan!!!! 40 people found this helpful. The 1502 can be had for under £400 at Thomann. I was going to look at a secondhand Rotel or Arcam but a lot of pro gear is often better than AV / HiFi stuff and usually significantly cheaper. I have read that a lot of the Crowns have undefeatable 20hz high pass filters so I don't know how good they are for subs

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Crown XLS 1502 2-channel, 525W 4Ω Power Amplifier with Microfiber and 1 Year EverythingMusic Extended Warranty. 1 offer from $1,413.41. Samson Servo 200 Stereo Power Amplifier, 200 Watts . 4.0 out of 5 stars 17. $329.00. Next page. Special offers and product promotions. Amazon Business Canada: Save time and reduce costs for your business with Quantity Discounts and FREE Shipping in Canada. Wir möchten euch in unserem Video einen ersten Eindruck zu den CROWN XLS Produkten geben.CROWN bei uns im Shop:https://www.session.de/CROWNAuf der Suche nach.. Like its predecessor, the new XLS-1502 is ultra-efficient with Crown's patented DriveCore technology and can drive 1550W at 4O bridged with tons of headroom guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers. The XLS DriveCore 2 assures that you will be heard as you deliver a powerful, pure sound experience for any venue

Crown Audio outdid themselves with the XLS 1502, delivering not only a high-performing power amplifier but an affordable one at that. In addition to its sleek look, this amp has a large, vivid LCD screen to monitor your parameters with ease. Loudspeaker matching, multi-filter crossover tuning, and system EQ are just some of the DSP capabilities available to maximize your audio quality I am using XLS 1502 to drive all my surrounds and Atmos and Crown DSi to drive my JBL4722 in an active configuration. The first thing I would say is consider going to the XLS 1502 because it has a better signal to noise ratio than the XLS1002. The fans do come on but they are super quiet. I didn't even know they were coming on until one day I put my ear right up to the amp and it sounded like. Once upon a time, old timers will remember when one dollar per watt was considered either the benchmark or goal of many amplifier designs. Well, thanks to switch-mode, Class-D technology, those days are long gone, and today's models continue to improve on that, both in terms of increasing onboard DSP functionality and higher power levels in smaller, more lightweight packages

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CROWN XLS-1500 AMPS Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. CROWN XLS-1500 AMPS. By I will test them of course before hand. What I'd be afraid of is that I saw a magazine ad just last night where they are openly being advertised, brand new with warranty, for $250, shipped, and you might could get them cheaper. If people are paying $200 plus shipping for used ones that likely have no warranty. Bereits ab € 359,00 Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Crown XLS 1502 Stereo-Verstärker günstig kaufen bei idealo.a

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Review summary for Crown XLS1502 Two channel 525W at 4 Power Amplifier, based on 113 user reviews: OVERALL - 8.3/10 Egal was du zum Thema Crown xls 1502 specs recherchieren möchtest, erfährst du auf dieser Seite - ergänzt durch die genauesten Crown xls 1502 specs Vergleiche. Die Qualität des Vergleihs ist für unser Team im Fokus. Somit ordnen wir eine entsprechend hohe Diversität an Eigenarten in das Endergebniss mit ein. Final konnte sich beim Crown xls 1502 specs Vergleich der Testsieger auf den. Meet the new XLS DriveCore ™ 2 Series. The next generation of XLS got a makeover with a sleek new look, a LCD display that is three times larger, and more DSP with higher capabilities. Like its predecessor, the new XLS is ultra-efficient with Crown's patented DriveCore technology and can drive 2400W at 4Ω bridged with tons of headroom guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to. A couple of on / off tests proved that it works perfectly. Four DIY MFW-15 sealed subs with Crown XLS 1502 Rotel power amps: two RB-991 (2chx200wpc), one RB-993 (3chx200wpc) Oppo BDP-83, HTPC Win 10 and Kodi Emotiva UMC-200 System control by iRule, Lighting control by Insteon Nakamichi System 7: CA-7a preamp, CR-7a cassette, ST-7 tuner . cameron2 Seeker Of Truth. Posts: 3. Trigger Cable. It is cool to have something with FRFR so you can test out your cabs. Crazed bankruptcy lawyer guitarist. Deluxe Strat with Handwound HSS with Bareknuckle VHII for HB/Smits of Tn for single coils, eq stack bypass on hard fixed HB with out of phase option on pos. 2 for Peter Green/Hot for Teacher/LaGrange. KPA unpowered into foh and through a Crown XLS 1502 SS power amp into an ultralight.

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Suchen Sie Bedienungsanleitungen und Service Informationen zu unseren Produkten? Hier finden sie auch Ausschreibungstexte, Broschüren und Prospekte Top 3 im Test-Durchschnitt Die Produkte mit den durchschnittlich besten Testnoten. Note Ø 1,0. Crown Audio XLS 1502. ab 353, 28 € Note Ø 1,0. NAD ELECTRONICS M27. ab 4.499, 00 € Note Ø 1,0. Denon HEOS Drive. ab 2.699, 00 € Ratgeber Digital-Verstärker. Hier findest du die niedrigsten Preise für Digital-Verstärker. Aufgrund ihres technischen Aufbaus sind diese Verstärker sowohl.

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Crown XLS 1502. 4,6 ( 45) Overvåg pris. Sammenlign. 2-kanals effektforstærkeren fra Crown er en mulighed for den kræsne bruger, der vil udvælge sin egen effektforstærker. Den forbindes med det klassiske røde og hvide RCA-kabel. Pris 4.213 kr. ·. Placering 291 i Forstærkere & Receivers Crown XLS DriveCore 2 amplifiers offer a band-pass filter on each channel in addition to the earlier low- and high-pass filters, enabling more precise DSP tuning. All models allow the front-panel LED indicators (except the clip and thermal indicators) to be turned off if desired, reducing distraction in dark venues. All the amplifiers have selectable input sensitivity of either 1.4Vrms or 0. Crown XLS 1502, DriveCore Endstufe mit Class-D Schaltung, Leistung: 2x 775 Watt/2 Ohm, 2x 525 Watt/4 Ohm, 2x 300 Watt/8 Ohm, gebrückt 1x 1550 Watt/4 Ohm, gebrückt 1x 1050 Watt/8 Ohm, 24 dB Linkwitz-Riley Frequenzweiche, Eingangsempfindlichkeit 1,4 oder.. Crown XLS 1502 DriveCore-2 (x2 as monoblock) Additional Amp Behringer A500 Reference Power Amplifier Front Speakers MartinLogan Electromotion ESL Electrostatic (x2) Center Channel Speaker Phantom Center Surround Speakers NSM Audio Model 5 2-Way (x2) Subwoofers JBL ES150P Powered Subwoofer (x2

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Crown XLS 1502 - Find the lowest price on PriceRunner Compare prices from 7 stores SAVE big on your purchase today! Find the cheapest prices on this Crown XLS 1502 on PriceRunner. We're using cookies on PriceRunner. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics. Crown XLS 1502 DriveCore 2 Power Amplifier 2 x 525W at 4 OhmsThe original XLS DriveCore series of amplifiers from Crown was among the most popular amps in the recorded history of mankind. A perfect storm of power, processing, portability, ease of use, sound quality, and incredibly light weight converged to unleash its fury and took the world by storm.After years of research and development, as. Like its predecessor, the new XLS is ultra-efficient with Crown's patented DriveCore technology and can drive 2400W at 4Ω bridged with tons of headroom ing a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers. The XLS Drive Core 2 assures that you will be heard as you deliver a powerful, pure sound experience for any venue. Product information style:775 watts power. Item Weight 10.8 pounds. *dies wurde mal bei einem Test eines Burmester Verstärkers gesagt. Eine Gute Beschreibung ist auch die die ein Elektroniker hier über die XLi im Vergleich zur Crown XLS 1502 abgegeben hat. Die XTI kann beides -- die breite Stereobasis des XLS 1502 oder XLS 1002 -- Die Klarheit der XLi, glaube ich;-) -- da ich diese nur von der Bewertung hier kenne. So die kleinen XTi keinen Tiefton können.

Search results for: crown XLS 1500 (found: 75 regularSearch) ask for a document. File: Date: Descr: Size: Popular: Mfg: Model: crown XLS 1500 : Full Text Matches - Check >> crown XLS 1500 : Forum Matches - Check >> Found in: fulltext index (75) Service+Manual+Crown+XLS+202+402+602.rar: 16/04/20: CROWN Audio XLS202, XLS402, XLS602 Service+Manual+Crown+XLS+202+402+602.rar : 1829 kB: 150: CROWN. Crown XLS 1502 DriveCore2 Serie 2x 525W @ 4Ohm. 368,00 € Crown XLI 1500 Endstufe, 2x 450 Watt / 4 Ohm. 299,00 € QSC GXD4 DSP Endstufe, 2x600 Watt/4Ohm. 459,00 € Crown XLS 1002 DriveCore2 Serie 2x 350W @ 4Ohm. 286,00 € Mit ähnlichen Produkten vergleichen. Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen. Passende Artikel. Produktbewertung. 5 Jetzt bewerten . Verarbeitung (5,0) Preis/Leistung (5,0. Crown DriveCore XLS 1502; Crown XLS 1502; Crown XLS 1000; Crown XLS 2000; Crown XTi 1002; × Print. Print page 1 Print document (1 pages) × Rename the bookmark . Cancel . × Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete . × Delete from my manuals? Cancel Delete . 2012-2021 ManualsLib. About Us . F.A.Q. What Our Users Say ; Press & Media ; Contacts . Advertise with Us ; Our app is now available on Google. crown xti 1000 test; Ergebnisse beinhalten ggf. nur einen von mehreren Suchbegriffen. Startseite › Musikinstrumente & Zubehör › Musikinstrumente - Verstärker; Filter. Sie sind in Musikinstrumente - Verstärker . Weitere Treffer in: Digitalkameras; Damen - Halstücher & Schals; Herren - Gürtel & Hosenträger; Preis- und Produktangaben ohne Gewähr. Sponsor. Suche eingrenzen. Crown XLS 1502 Là dòng main 2 kênh với công suất có thể lên đến 2400W tại 4Ohm Bridged. Chất âm sau khi ra loa được Tuyên đánh giá là sạch sẽ, tín hiệu trong, mạnh mẽ. Các dãi âm tách bạch và không bị trộn lẫn. Đặc biệt là âm trầm được xử lý gọn gàng, chất âm sâu lắng nhưng vẫn nội lự

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endstufe 2x500 watt in Musikinstrumente - Verstärker. Preise, Bewertungen und Shop-Bewertungen. endstufe 2x500 watt vom besten Musikinstrumente - Verstärker Shop bei Shopzilla kaufen top Bin darauf auf YT gestossen, kann noch nicht viel sagen, aber die Tests die ich gemacht habe versprechen viel! Man kann sich das teure Schallisolierung im Zimmer sparen und die Podcasts hören sich trotzdem super an.-Bewertung über Dbx 286S (Tonstudio) von Roman108 27.05.201 Ich habe die Endstufe nach 10 Tagen Intensivem Hören zurück gegeben und mir nochmals 5 Crown XLS 1502 nachbestellt, die jetzt auch schon laufen und was muss ich sagen die Sonne ist da, Räumlichkeit Tiefe und Breite und exakte Bühnendarstellung, seidige Wiedergabe, extremst schnelle Transienten. Staubtrockene tiefste Bässe. Zusammenfassung

tripath-test Lebende Foren Legende Dabei seit: 25 Apr, 2015 Beiträge: 2588 : Zitat: Original von hififreak Hallo, nun suche ich ne 2 Ohm stabile Endstufe, habe bisher die Crown XLS 1502 oder gar die 2002 im Blick. Meinungen dazu? Gruß: Also wenn es eine Klipsch befeuern muss, denke ich dass der Crown überdimensioniert ist. Zudem hatte jemand in einem US Forum die fehlenden Klangfarben. Ich hatte ja das Vorgängermodel von Crown, dieses konnte man nicht auf 0,7V umstellen und so hatte mir diese Endstufe keinen Spaß gemacht. Die XLS 1502 wirkt im Direktvergleich etwas nervös, man könnte es aber auch Dynamisch nennen. Der DSP wirkt sich in keiner Weise negativ aus, das habe ich so nicht erwartet hatte aber einige Zeit die Crown 1502 selbst betrieben, und die NuPower D an einigen Anlagen vernommen. Ich denke nicht das du hier klanglich (bis auf das Rauschen weswegen ich die Endstufe auch entsorgt habe) weiter kommst. Aber Versuch macht kluch, du kannst es doch bei dir zu Hause testen, ganz n Ruhe

Verkaufe Crown XLS 1502. Insbesondere hier gelten die Forumsregeln! Ansonsten viel Glück . 2 posts • Page 1 of 1. Didi Posts: 122 Joined: Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:31 am Location: Train / St. Johann. Verkaufe Crown XLS 1502 . Post by Didi » Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:02 am Verkaufe eine Crown XLS 1502! Wurde bei mir als Subwoofer-Endstufe betrieben. Wird verkauft weil ich auf ein anderes Modell wechseln. Crown XLS Test run. Hello, I finally got to test out my new crown xls 1002 today. I have it running through Brit trace elliott 4x10 and Tech 21 NYC di/pre. Lakland... Thread by: Stewy Lj, Apr 8, 2018, 0 replies, in forum: Amps and Cabs [BG] Thread SOLD Crown D-45 Power Amp. Hardly used and in excellent shape. $140 shipped CONUS[ATTACH][ATTACH] Thread by: Mammoth_Bass, Apr 6, 2018, 1 replies. SOLD Crown XLS 1502 Power Amp w/ Optional SKB Rack. Near-new condition Crown XLS 1502 power amp. Great power amp with built-in DSP. I used it with both my Mesa Subway DI and POD HD into a Fender... Thread by: Barisaxman, May 17, 2018, 2 replies, in forum: For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets. Thread Fender Precision - ART Pro Channel II - Crown XLS 2500. Incredible tone and power. Thread by. Has anyone used a xls crown Amp on a pair of 683s. From what i read bowers and Wilkins do pair up with rotel quite nicely. I will be using a xls Amp to power my substage it would be nice to keep the amps in my rack the same . My set up is for Ht and music listening.

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The funny thing about the Crown XLS series is that 40 years ago they would have been hailed as super low distortion amps - way better than the then-current crop of solid state units. They really don't do too badly even today - I've been able to confirm that they run well under 0.1% distortion throughout the audio band at the highest music levels I play (20-50W peaks for my speakers; yes, they. What's more, you get bad enough mistracking on the torture test sections, you've likely damaged the record anyway. The problem is not that there is evil in the world, the problem is that there is good. Because otherwise, who would care? This post is made possible by the generous support of people like you and our sponsors: Amplified Parts : Follow Ups Full Thread Topic - Crown XLS DriveCore. The next generation of XLS got a makeover with a sleek new look, larger LCD display, and more DSP with extended functionality. Like its predecessor, the new XLS is ultra-efficient with Crown's patented DriveCore technology and can drive 1550W at 4R bridged with tons of headroom guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers. The XLS DriveCore 2 assures that you will be. I use a XLS 1502 that is rated 525 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load, which is what the JBL double 15 bass cabs are wired for. Coupled with a damping factor of 200 at low frequencies, the bass punches at any volume level. Above 630 Hz, the JBL 2453H-SL compression drivers are fed by Nelson Pass Class A single ended mosfet ACA kits that I assembled. Nelson's mu follower sounds.

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Put my Crown XLS 1502 back in my main system... - Cougar 12:29:17 04/03/20 (0) RE: Crown XLS DriveCore Amp Craze on YouTube..... - audioasylumman 05:55:40 03/28/20 (0) Stated qualms about class-D are getting OLD - Feanor 08:48:07 03/26/20 (8) Only to non-experiential theorists :) - E-Stat 09:42:14 03/26/20 (7) There is room for personal taste - Feanor 10:58:37 03/26/20 (5) As for me - E-Stat. Re: Crown XLS 1502 Members: Log in to store this reply to your account for future reference, and to remove the Live User Verification test. * Enter the letters you see in the image (without spaces) This is a review and detailed measurements of the Crown XLS 1502 PA Power Amplifier. It is on a kind loan from a member who bought it new and drop shipped it to me. It retails for USD $349 including free Prime shipping from Amazon. At that price, it seems like an incredible value. I have..

Crown XLS 1502 sofort lieferbar. 444,00 EUR Crown XLi 2500 1 Stück sofort lieferbar. 360,00 EUR QSC GX 5 B-Ware 1 Stück sofort lieferbar. 459,00 EUR QSC GXD 4 1 Stück sofort lieferbar. 377,00 EUR QSC GX 5 (4) 1 Stück sofort lieferbar. Re: Crown XLS 1502 DriveCore 2 Series power amplifier Members: Log in to store this reply to your account for future reference, and to remove the Live User Verification test. Reminder: We cannot verify the images in the ad After checking out the unit, I handed the XLS 1502 to Bay Area DJ Tony Roxxx Russell for a proper field test. Here's Tony: Amps just keep getting lighter and more powerful and the new Crown XLS series continues that trend. The XLS is the 'we've- got-an-amp-for-that' family of amps and will be at home with a DJ or band—or in a. Crown's XLS 1500 amplifier is a premiere portable PA system with unmatched performance, technology and affordability. It includes multiple inputs so you can plug in anything and play anywhere, along with several system setup configurations. This high-performance Crown power amp provides enormous power and flexibility thanks to the integrated.

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As I said before, the Crown XLS series amps (yes, all of them) sound restricted in the treble. This sounds like a frequency response limitation, but may not be. An Emotiva amp usually sounds as if I'm listening in a huge venue, with decay of treble transients (in particular) sounding as if they diminish naturally over distance. The Crown sounds as if I'm listening in a much smaller space and. Crown's new XLS DriveCore 2 series of power amplifiers feature an upgraded look with a larger display. Like their predecessors, the new XLS amps are equipped with Crown's patented DriveCore technology. The XLS2502 can drive your speakers with 775 watts (at 4Ω bridged) of clean power with very low distortion. DriveCore circuitry maintains Class D high efficiency with low noise Two-channel. In particular, I trust the Crown XLS Series because of the Crown name and the Crown legacy of designing professional industry standard power amplifiers for 55 years. The XLS Series is Crown's most inexpensive series of amplifiers. This is Crown's budget series amplifier. They are made in China per Crown specifications. On an electronic test bench, I would not expect an XLS Series amplifier to. Yorkville YX18SPC Subwoofer versus EKX-18S with Crown XLS1502. I need two subs for a small bar/club setup I know Yorkville has a good name for honest specs and a good sound. This sub has only 123SPL and it says 500 watts, which I'm guessing is program. The EV is rated at 400 continuous with max SPL of 134. The other Sub I was looking at was the RCF 708-AS II Share Reply Quote. 4th January.

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XLS 1502 XLS 2502 XLS DriveCore TM 2 Series Operation Manual 5055568 - 04/15. ivee 2 ee Power Amplifiers page 2 pea aa 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with a dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's. Like its predecessor, the new XLS1502 is ultra-efficient with Crown' patented DriveCore technology and can drive 1550W at 4Î bridged with plenty of headroom, guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers. The XLS DriveCore 2 assures that you will be heard as you deliver a powerful, pure sound experience for any venue Crown XLI 1500 is $50.50 more expensive than the average power amplifier ($298.50). Crown XLS 1502 is a very popular option on the higher end of the price range. It's in the top 3 bestselling power amplifiers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Behringer Europower Ep4000 or Crown DriveCore XLS1500 CROWN XLS1502 - FINALE DI POTENZA 775W 2 OHMXLS1500 DriveCore Serie La serie di amplificatori Crown XLS definisce lo standard più attuale nell'amplificazione di sistemi PA portatili, a livello di performance, tecnologia e contenimento dei costi. La flessibilità che contraddistingue la linea è anche dovuta alle molteplici possibilità di connessioni d'ingresso, così che è possibile.

CROWN XLS-1002 powerCrown XLS 2000 · Endstufe Test

Xls crown 1502. Verkaufe meinen crown 1502 Stereo Verstärker . War bei mir nur ca 1/2 Jahr in ganz ganz... 279 € Versand möglich. 73760 Ostfildern. 22.03.2021. Behringer Ultragraph FBQ-Pro FBQ1502 Equalizer. Sofortige Abholung und Test möglich. *Behringer FBQ1502* Verkauft wird ein Behringer Ultragraph... 50 € VB. Versand möglich. 07778 Dornburg. 21.03.2021. BEHRINGER ULTRAGRAPH FBQ. 57 Verstärker im Test & Preisvergleich. Lesen Sie authentische Meinungen und Testberichte unserer Autoren, vergleichen Sie Produkte und Preise bei yopi.d Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Crown XLS1502 Live Sound Amplifiers at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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